The Columbus Chamber is committed to providing superior services and solutions for the business community. Government relations, long a focus of the Columbus Chamber, has been elevated to a level of primary importance. The Chamber’s Government Relations department helps business leaders navigate government complexity, facilitate connections with elected officials and key stakeholders, and raise the collective voice of the 11-county Columbus Region business community at the local, state, and federal levels of government. We work to build relationships and partnerships with elected officials to drive our collective goal of advancing a thriving Central Ohio community.


We create a Public Policy Agenda, adopted by the Chamber’s Board of Directors, to guide the Government Relations team’s advocacy efforts as we educate and collaborate with public officials to protect employers’ rights in the workplace and encourage reform to positively affect business-critical issues such as:

  • Competitive Business Climate
  • Tax Reform
  • Regulation Reform
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Transportation, including the implementation of Smart Columbus

Government Navigation

We provide counsel and the opportunity to connect our members with certain policymakers or other businesses that may share similar concerns, and guide you through government complexity by connecting businesses with the right resources to find a timely solution to your problems:

  • Local sign regulations
  • Parking concerns
  • EPA issues
  • Clarification on zoning, permitting, or licensure

Community Relations

We know that there are many external forces that impact the business community and want to help create an environment in which your business can grow and flourish. We also want to help our members be outstanding corporate citizens. We coordinate, collaborate, and communicate with elected officials, community partners, key stakeholders, and the public, to promote positive business representation and understanding in all aspects of decision-making throughout the region.

Government Affairs Steering Committee

We manage this advisory committee comprised of a seasoned group of government relations professionals and small business owners who guide us in advocating for you. Click here to learn more about our current committee members.